Long time no see….

Great to have you back girl….this is what I say to myself now. Back in action. Well its been around 4 months, I’m just lazy updating my journal…hehehee….what to do?

My MT1 exam had got over way back in December….did not do so well. I had planned to update my LJ then….but had no mood. It was my first online exam. Quite moody at first since I had prepared so well. What has to happen will happen. I had got over that phase pretty easily.

OMG…now its MT2 time, have not studied anything….just fooling around. I have not studied half of what I had done for my MT1. What to stay….Risk Taking??? You can say that too….The IT industry is all about taking risks right? heeheeeh…..I’m preety much relaxed and cool. No exam tensions….ah….what a life…..

The exam is fast approaching but me and my friends are least bothered. Lets all wait and see……..


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