The world is so close…….

Yesterday I had commented on a blog entry. Just like what I usually do. It was an interesting and thought provoking entry. It was about the clumsiness of students in Kerala. Well….the funniest thing that happened was….I meet him randomly at my tuition place. I didn’t recognize him at first, but he was talking about the articles in the blog to the teacher, that clicked me he was the owner of the blog I commented in. I too joined in. Then he understood that I was the one who commented on one of this entry. I added him on Orkut.

The story continues…..we became friends, scarped in Orkut and talked when we meet at tuition’s. A few days back, my tuition had called me and said that I was related to her. I was dumbstruck. Well after which she explained the relation that had begun long back. And the guy who I met via the blog also happened to be my relative. Thanks to his blog and the internet. This is a first time experience.


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