Just Me

I am Rosemary. A girl with unique tastes and lifestyle. A girl who spends most of her time with technology, The Techie Gal !!! I am working as a Business Analyst for Wairs Technologies. I’m also pursuing my Master of Computer Applications. GNIIT and RHCE add to my qualifications. My hobbies are cooking, chatting, drawing, painting, designing and stitching, beta testing, trying out new software’s, ……and lots more. I am quintessential dreamer – my head and heart is always in the clouds. I dream big and think different and I want to truly achieve something memorable in my lifetime. My principles mean more to me than money or success. The goal is as important as the way you choose to reach it. I hate monotony. Do everything with a difference, I should have my mark on anything I do. I am highly motivated and driven if give a slight push, and very much laid-back and fun-loving at the same time. I am very talkative but a bit of problem to start off…..after a short while you will have to ask me keep quite…but only with my some of friends…..its very difficult to get into this list of mine. I love spending my time with my hand bunch of good friends.


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