A semester ended….

Finally after eight long months, my semester ended with an MT 2 yesterday. Quite a cherishing one….I never felt it so long and dragging…..thankies to my dear friends. Two of leaving and two of them changing batches, that leaves us with five behind.

Talking about my MT 2, rather surprising n unexpected one indeed. I never worked hard like my MT 1, three months of preparations. This I hardly prepared for let me say a maximum of three weeks or less but worked hard for those days. But I had kinda good grasp about the topics. I was rather cool and relaxed. And of course, the Almighty God grace and blessings along with the prayers from my dear and near. All this made me score a 79%….wow….did not expect at all. The aggregate for my 1st semester is 74.8% to be precise.


Long time no see….

Great to have you back girl….this is what I say to myself now. Back in action. Well its been around 4 months, I’m just lazy updating my journal…hehehee….what to do?

My MT1 exam had got over way back in December….did not do so well. I had planned to update my LJ then….but had no mood. It was my first online exam. Quite moody at first since I had prepared so well. What has to happen will happen. I had got over that phase pretty easily.

OMG…now its MT2 time, have not studied anything….just fooling around. I have not studied half of what I had done for my MT1. What to stay….Risk Taking??? You can say that too….The IT industry is all about taking risks right? heeheeeh…..I’m preety much relaxed and cool. No exam tensions….ah….what a life…..

The exam is fast approaching but me and my friends are least bothered. Lets all wait and see……..

It’s been a very long time!!!!!!

It’s more than 7 months since I wrote an entry and there are reasons for that too. My graduation results were out, but it was not as good as i expected it to be, i just got 80.5%. But many may think thats really good but not for what I have worked for. So my vacations were so boring. I expected to get in for M.Sc.Food and Nutrition.

My life changed after that I shifted from Family and Community Science to IT field. Now I’m doing GNIIT from NIIT and MCA from ICFAI university. Now I’m such a happy person. I’m quite acquainted to my new life.

My classmates in NIIT are too good like my old buddies in the 11th n 12th back in school. The best part is we have a fun loving teacher who enjoys with us.

Only Me…

What Rosemary Means

R is for Revolutionary

O is for Organic

S is for Sensational

E is for Extreme

M is for Mesmerizing

A is for Adventurous

R is for Relaxing

Y is for Yummy

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Me a good cook……but

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Ah….at last…..

Today, after more than a month of study holidays and then the exams have come to an end. But it’s only the theory papers. Well something is better than nothing. I had a good time chatting with my friends in Amaranthia after a nice lunch.Well i didn’t sleep today….not surprising.

Better start getting ready for my practical exams !!!!!!

oooo..well….after all

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Exams starting…….

Well……I went for an outing today…….to get rid of my tension……..exam tomorrow…..

The good thing is that it gets over fast…. 🙂

Hopes time fly away…..

Good luck to those writing exams 🙂

Lets Begin……

Hiya friends!!!!! Welcome to my journal !!!!!!

I was feeling bored of studying……so created my journal….. 😀

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